About us

Martínez Ghisi Studio offers a translation service from and into English.
We are a specialized company on translation services of legal, technical, scientific, and literary texts that is made of an exclusive team of qualified translators.
We are qualified to offer ideal translation services. We excel at the quality and accuracy on every work we make and the fulfillment of the customer’s needs.
We strongly believe a good translation is an element of paramount importance in the communication of the globalized world nowadays. Therefore we understand the importance of working with an efficient and responsible translation company.
A native translator is assigned to the work where her/his mother tongue is involved, as per the special characteristics of the requested translation work. Then, the document goes through all the necessary steps in order to get a top quality translation. (Please see Section: Stages).
Email your question to info@martinezghisi.com.ar
We will analyze your request and will deliver to you a customized quotation to fulfill your special needs within the following 48 hours.



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